Chapter 1: Changing the Imagination of Community Programs at District Councils of Hong Kong, p. 6-19, by Clara Cheung, Empower Arts, Animate Communities, Centre for Cultural Studies, CUHK, ISBN: 978-988-79285-1-5 (Print) 978-988-79285-2-2 (eBook), Edited by Benny Lim and Oscar Ho Hing-kay

The29th Asian International Art Exhibition, Kyushu Geibun-kan,Fukuoka, Japan, 1-29/08/2021

Man Mei To 文美桃 PS Paid Studio Visits.01/02/2021

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Palm of the Universe Workshop
Location: H506 (Canon Studio), 5/F, Block B, PMQ
Date Time: 12 Dec - 1100-1300, 1500-1700, 1700-1900 (Registration deadline: 11 Dec )
Language: Cantonese

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