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The Mountain of land 

Ceramics,Light bulb

Dimension variable



The Mountain of land 



There are rice field and farmers around Kizakiko.

Farmers bend their back and work on the field.

Farmers with this gesture generate some micro mountain on the land and they blend in the high mountain range on the lakeside. 


By visiting the farmers around molding the body of some farmers, I then turn the soil into ceramics with the shapes of their body,


The foot of stepping on the field

The hands and finger of caring the plant on the farm

The spine of supporting the life

The skin of touching the earth


A micro Landscape on the field is telling the story of the land,

mountain, water as well as the people.


They are tangible for the earth, intimate with the land.

Stand firm there with the curve.





  土    地    の    山  

 (土 地 上 的  山)





農夫們彎著腰 一棵棵地把秧苗插入泥土 

這彎腰的姿勢 與四周的山脈 一樣的彎 ,一樣挻直




Credit of the farmers: 


- Yamamoto-san (knee, elbow)

- 淺井真至 (fist, ankle)

- 綾花中村 (torso)

- 平寬 要 (knee, elbow)

- 米澤みちる Michiru Yonezawa  (shoulder)

- 虹の家(男) (shoulder)

- 虹の家 (女) (elbow)

- 平林昇 (back, fist)



** This work is commissioned in the Artist-in-residency Program in Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2016. The work becomes a permanent installation located in a store house near Kizaki lake, Omachi City, Nagano, Japan.

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