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Water | Puddle on ground - Hong Kong

Adhesive tape, Aluminum, Glass, Light, Number label, Puddle on ground,Rubber-ban

Dimension variable



Water   -    Hong Kong     |       水  .   香  港    

Mixed media

147cm x 200cm x 9cm



Mixed  media   


Adhesive tape,  Aluminum,  Glass,  Light,  Number label,  Rubberband,  Artificial lake water,  Beef tripe water,  Car-washing water,  Cleaning water,  Dish-washing water,  Drainage water,  Drinking water,  Floor-cleaning water,  Iced oyster melting,  Lake water,  Melted-ice water,  Drainage water,  Pool water,  Puddle,   Puddle on ground,  Rain,  River water,  Sea water,  Stream,  Sugarcane water,  Tap water,  Vegetable-cleaning water,  Water for keeping flower fresh,  Water from air-con,  Water in fish tank,  Water of fountain,   Water on ashtray,  Water storage,  Water storage on farmland,  Water that the shop-owner has used,  Water that used for gaining weight in corrugated fiberboard,  Waterfall pool water     

混    合    媒    介

膠紙、鋁、玻璃、光、數字標籤、 橡皮筋、 人工湖水、牛栢葉水、洗車水、 清潔用水、洗碗水、坑渠水、飲用水、洗地水、冰鮮蠔仔水、 湖水、溶冰水、渠水、池水、積水、地下水灘、雨水、河水、 海水、溪水、蔗水、水喉水、菜水、養花的水、冷氣機水、魚缸水、噴水池水、煙灰水、儲存水、田邊儲水、店主用過的水、弄濕紙皮用的水、瀑布池水 

Water Map  -    Hong Kong    |    水    地圖  .   香   港    

Print on paper

64cm x 37cm


Water Information  -   Hong Kong    |     水    資料  .   香  港    

Print on paper

59.4cm x 16cm


I used to live with Grandma when I was small. There was a cubic pond made of bricks and tiles in her kitchen. On top of the pond was a tap. Water accumulated into the pond drop by drop as Grandma kept the tap barely switched on to save water fee. She passed away in 2013 at the age of 107.


Ever since there has always been a basin of water under the tap in the kitchen at my home. This habit of accumulating tap water never halts. The sound of dripping water can be clearly heard at midnight. My father uses that basin of water to cook and wash the vegetables and dishes, among other kitchen routines.


Looking for the whereabouts of water while drifting around the city is a never-ending business. I try to follow its “footsteps” and watch it flow from a low angle; I observe the landscape where water is present, how water and people get along, and how water reflects the landscape as well as the traces of people’s lives. I look for the traces of water as I wander around the city’s streets, back alleys, and parks, along the riverside and the seaside. I then collect them, filter them, bottle them and present them.


The collection of water is a collection of the cityscape and the lives of the people immersed in this city.

小時候與婆婆一起住,廚房有一個以磚頭和磁磚做的小水池。水池上有個水龍頭,長期扭開一點,以滴水的方式開着 — 慳水費。婆婆在2013年離世,離開時107歲。直至現在,我家廚房水龍頭下,也總有一盤以水龍頭一滴滴收集的水。這個動作未曾斷續過。深夜在家可以清晰聽到那水滴聲。爸爸會用這些水來煮飯、洗菜、洗碗,以及一些日常的廚房事。

在城市行走,尋找水的去處 ---- 這是個永無休止的動作。



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