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Clothes - III  |  Underclothes - Boy and Girl

Cotton. Plaster. Strength. Stone

290mm x 290mm



Underclothes is a series of art practice in challenging the degrees of fragility . A batch of folded clothes is mixed with plaster to impose a new temporary physically to all these clothes. The hardened yet crispy clothes were then hit continuously by a round smooth stone. Hence, the fibre of clothes breaks along with the collapse of blended-in plaster. In contrast, the mismatched support arouse the tender and flexibility of the original clothes under the violence of stone energy.




襯衣 - 一系列挑戰脆弱程度的作品。把一批襯衣折疊,鋪上一層石膏,待石膏硬化後用石頭的力量不斷撞擊衣服上的石膏。襯衣經石膏浸泡後,纖維密度減低,經石頭撞擊的衣服更顯得本來的柔韌和溫柔。

Clothes - III  | Underclothes - Boy

Clothes - III  | Underclothes  - Girl

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