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   呼吸森林  Petrichor

   Dimension variable​

Stainless steel, Soft clay, Mud from Ma Shi Po, Light, Sound


Sound recording


To use sounds to create her work, those sounds were collected by herself while joining a series of artist residence activities. Artist collected mud from the area of Ma Shi Po, completely dried out. Accompanying the display is a soundscape, the artist recorded the sound when she rehydrated them (as the water filling up the pores, it produces sounds similar to the ambient sounds of the forest). When dry soil and water reunite, it remains claimed after short dysphoria, refills the patience and sounds to wait for desiccation. The field is full of golden paddy, reap the paddy and put them in the water, please listen to the sound carefully while rice grows and moves in the water. The installation asks the audience to listen closely to the land and the sounds that are produced by a given terroir.⁠⠀

Migratory birds fly to the south and rest there, paddy is grown there, where the food for the birds, recording their trace. Please let the city know the northernmost forest in Hong Kong.



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